Gallery 2

(Gallery 2)

Reverse Black Ops Banshee on a Glock.

Marlin 1895G In Reverse Black Ops Digital.

M&P 15 in Custom Hot Pink Sparkle

S&W .38 Spcl in Desert Beige

Vietnam Tiger Strip on a Bushmaster M4.

Springfield XDm with a Black-Ops Banshee frame.

Magpul MOE furniture in Purple Digital.

Vortex scope in Black-Ops Banshee with matching ring.

Kimber 1911 in Stainless Steel.

Reverse Black-Ops on a Sig slide.

Black-Ops Banshee with a custom Skull, on an SBR.

Black-Ops Banshee on an SBR.

Springfield XD with a Stock Red slide & controls, topped with a Matte Clear coat.

Ruger 10/22 extended magazines in Deep Blue Pearl, Pink Pearl, and Aztec Gold Pearl.

Rifle scope in Deep Blue Pearl.

Glock frame in Coyote Brown  (Customer Photo)

Walther PK380 in Stainless Steel and Goddess Purple (Customer Photo)

Trijicon scope and Ruger M77 in GOE's Exclusive Hex Camo.

M77 with a multi-color factory laminated stock.  Scope/barrel/receive in Hex camo.

Beretta Nano with a John Deere paint scheme.

Glock frame in Zombie Green.

Smith & Wesson M&P 40 in Pink and Black Zebra.

Black-Ops Digital with a hint of Goddess Purple on Magpul mags, furniture, rail panels, sunglasses frames and a Playstation controller.

Springfield XD in Washington Redskins colors with a custom "R" stencil on the holster.

Smith & Wesson .38 in Dark Gun Blue.

FNH SCAR in custom camo (OD Green, Magpul FDE, and a custom Desert Beige mix).

LWRC M6 (piston) in Desert Digital (based on Magpul FDE color).

Bushmaster ACR in GOE's Exclusive Creature Camo.

Fishing reel painted in Flat Dark Earth and HK Black.

AR upper/lower and handguard in custom Aztec/Bronze finish.

Ruger SR-22 with a Hot Pink Sparkle frame and mag bases.

Savage Model 10 in Creature Camo.

Springfield XD-9 Sub Compact in Pink Snakeskin.

ACU Camo colors (L to R): ACU Digital, ACU Banshee, and ACU Digital Banshee on M1A1 Mags.

Sig Sauer P250 in Black-Ops Banshee.

2, M1A1 mags in Black-Ops Banshee and Black-Ops Digital with an added Purple Skull.

Smith & Wesson M&P9 in Audrey's Blue with matching holster.

Springfield XD9 in Pink Snakeskin with matching flashlight and "Anchor" stencil.

Springfield XDM 9 in Custom Bronx Rose with Pink Pearl and Red Ghost Pearl top coat.

Glock 19 frame in Coyote Brown.

MAK-90 in Combat Black (customer photo).

Ruger LCP slide in Combat Green.

Z-Banshee on a Taurus PT145 with a jeweled receiver.

SBR in Black-Ops Banshee.

Norinco 1911A1 in Combat Black and Stainless Steel.

Condon Camo on a Daniel Defense M4.

Coyote Brown Snakeskin on a Ruger 10/22 barrel, receiver and scope.

Pink Pearl on a Walther PK380 slide.

Rock River Arms AR painted in GOE's EXCLUSIVE "Coyote Camo".

Coyote Camo - OD Green, Coyote Brown, and Tactical Grey.

Reverse Black Ops Digital on a Red Jacket stock.

Color filled with a hint of 'gore'.

Purple Sparkle Magpul items.

Colt Commander slide in Matte Black.

Custom Purple Digital on AR lower and furniture.

This Sig Mosquito used to be pink.  Now it's Flat Dark Earth. 

MAK-90 in HM Banshee with custom stencil!

"That's Right Hippy!"

Pink Lady Sparkle on a Glock slide and mag bases.  Note the "J Carter" custom stencil.

Hot Pink Sparkle on a Springfield XD slide.

MAK-90 in Combat Black

Taurus 1911 grips in Zombie Green

Pink Sparkle AR furniture with a custom "Sparkles" graphic on the mag well.

Custom Goddess Purple Digital on a holster and mag pouches

M&P 9mm in Matte Black/Hogue Pink stripes.

AR-15 in Audrey's Digital.

P95 slide in Black-Ops Digital with a matching takedown and barrel/chamber.

Sig grips in Custom Desert Digital.

AR-15 in Multi-color.

Ruger SR9c with a Zombie Green slide and mag bases, custom lettering, with Everglades controls.

Canik Shark slide and US Army knife in Black.

Beretta M9 grips in Custom ACU Digital.

M&P 40 in Custom Black-Ops Banshee with added Red Ghost Pearl.

M&P 40 slide with a "Hot Rod Racing Stripe" - Stainless steel/Matte Black.

Springfield XD-9 with a Pink Sparkle frame and Electric Blue slide, mag bases and controls.

Glock 19 with Pink Pearl/Sparkle & Black Holoflake Zebra Stripes.

Beretta 92 in combat Black.

Tactical Tomahaawk in Matte Black/Satin Clear with green color filled engravings.

Sig Sauer 22LR slide in HK Black.

Fishing reel in Matte Black.

Beretta 90two with a Magpul FDE frame.

Glock slide in GOE's EXCLUSIVE Black-Ops Digital.

Mesue's Glock in Cav Arms Blue (slide) and Lady Am Strip (frame).

Walther P99 slide in Stainless Steel.

Barrett M107A1 in GOE's EXCLUSIVE Black-Ops Banshee!

Black-Op's Banshee.

Black-Ops Banshee on a 50BMG (Barrett) magazine.

P.O.F. in Matte Black with color filled engravings and a satin clear coat.

Glock frame in Custom dark brown.

M10 in "Zombie Tuxedo" (Matte Black & Zombie Green DuraCoat).

M10 In Afghan Camo and Matte Black DuraCoat.

Springfield XDs with an "Audrey's Blue" frame.

Smith and Wesson, M&P 9mm with a Goddess Purple slide, controls, and mag bases.

Walther PPS with a custom light blue frame.

Glock frame in 'Stone' DuraCoat.

RRA AR painted in Multi-color camo.

CZ-82 refinished in Combat Black.

Remington 1100-20LT action and barrel in Matte Black.

Walther PK380 Frame in DuraCoat Stainless Steel.

GOE's Exclusive Satohiro Camo on a Mossberg M5901A

Glock frame painted in Coyote Brown.

Pink Banshee on a Glock, holster, mag puch, "Brass Stacker" and mag loader.

Glock slide, frame and Trijicon scope painted in GOE's Exclusive Reverse Black-Ops camo.

GOE's EXCLUSIVE Saber Cat camo on a Custom Savage Model 10.

Color filled scope engravings.

Glock 17 painted to look like Boba Fett's helmet (Star Wars).

Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380 w/laser, painted in GLK Flat Dark Earth.

Pink Sparkle Digital on a KelTec PF-9 and holster.

A pair of 1911 grips painted in Reverse Black-Ops Digital with a touch of Zombie Green.

GOE's EXCLUSIVE "Black-Ops Banshee" camo on an M&P 9mm.

Black-Op's Banshee --- Screaming Skulls!

Walther PK-380 in "Audrey's Blue" and Stainless Steel with a Silver Ghost Pearl.  We added some silver sparkle to the 'blue' for a bit of flash.

Matte Black over polished nickel on a Caspian 1911 slide.

Ruger 10/22 in Custom Desert Digital with Medium Multi-Green added.  

GOE's EXCLUSIVE Reverse Black-Ops Digital painted on an FNX-9 slide.

Magpul AR 'furniture', mag, and sight in Purple Digital (based on Goddess Purple).

Rock River Arms AR in Urban Digital.

Kimber Ultra Carry II in Matte Black with Stainless Steel controls.  Note the white color fill on the 'Kimber'.

Tripod painted in GOE's Exclusive Creature Camo.

Desert Eagle 1911 slide converted to DuraCoat Stainless Steel.

Purple Sparkle 1911 grips (Goddess Purple base coat).

Sig Sauer P250 grips/frames, take down pins and slide in HK Black.

Not your grandpa's tractor!  Glock 23 painted in John Deere Green/Yellow DuraCoat with all the cool JD accents.

2 stocks and forends in Pink Sparkle, for Deb Ferns of "Babes with Bullets" fame.

Glock 30 in Turquoise/White DuraCoat with an "H" on the slide.

Desert Eagle 50AE in Matte Black (grips not GOE).

Purple Snakeskin Glock with a satin ghost pearl clear coat.

SKS Type 56 in DuraCoat Matte Black with a Matte Black Clear coat.

M&P 9mm with a Magpul Flat Dark Earth frame and matching mag bases.

M&P 40 Slide in DuraCoat Magpul Flat Dark Earth.

AR forend, sling and castle nut in Magpul OD Green.  Blackhawk Holster painted in Blackhawk OD Green.

Ruger LCP in GOE's EXCLUSIVE Pink Camo Sparkle.

Glock slide/mag base plates in L. L. Commie Pinko w/Pink Pearl clear coat.

AR-15 Upper/Lower receiver in DuraCoat Magpul Flat Dark Earth (FDE).

Beretta 92SF in custom Black snakeskin with blue ghost pearl.

Sig Sauer 1911 painted in Custom Desert Digital.

Remington 870 Police Magnum in Matte Black with Custom Blue Stock/Forend.

Kimber Tactical Pro II in Matte Black with Stainless Steel controls.  "Punisher" grips NOT by GOE. 

Springfield XDm in Custom Desert Digital with matching holster, mag pouch, and back straps.

Glock 34 in Goddess Purple with GOE's Exclusive Purple Sparkle (frame).

Vltor Stock and EoTech scope in Matte Black.  Upper/Lower, barrel, and mag in Graphite Blue.

Remington 870 Police Mag in Tactical OD Green.

Echo-Juliet Tactical AR in Custom Desert Digital.

Aimpoint Comp scope in Matte Black.

Magpul mags, stock, rail panels, grip and EoTech hood in Matte Black, Cooler Green, Advanced Tiger Strip Brown, and Woodland Tan digital.

Magpul stock and rail panels in Reverse Black-Ops Digital with a Matter Clear Coat.

Walther PK-380 in Goddess Purple and Matte Black.

Urban Digital grips, mag bases, flashlight and frame (Glock) with a jeweled barrel.

Matte Black/Stainless Steel Glock slide with a racing stripe...Hot Rod paint job.

GOE's EXCLUSIVE "Creature Camo" on a Mossberg 500A with a Knox Special Ops stock.

Here's a close up of GOE's EXCLUSIVE "Creature Camo".  It's Multi-cam colors with a mixture of traditional and snakeskin camo patterns.  Perfect for almost any environment.

Colt "Agent" .38 special revolver painted in a very cool Giraffe camo.

Maverick 88, 20 gauge, painted in a custom Winter Twig camo.

Spike Tactical upper/lower, scope, rings, and bipod in Magpul Flat Dark Earth.

Eddie Rogacki's Iron Man bike painted in GOE Gun Works Exclusive Reverse Black-Op's Digital.  GOE is a proud sponsor!

Smith & Wesson, M&P 15-22 magazines in HK Black and Magpul Flat Dark Earth.

Para HAWG 9 slide in Matte Black.

Toyota logo painted in DuraCoat Primary Red.

Fobus P-22 holster in Magpul Flat Dark Earth.

M4 (Airsoft) painted in Multi-cam.

The one and only Deb Ferns with her custom painted, GOE Exclusive, Pink Sparkle Mossberg 930.  Deb is the Camp Director for "Babes with Bullets".

Saiga 12 in Matte Black and Magpul FDE (Flat Dark Earth).

This Kimber Ultra Carry II took a 90 mph spill off of a motorcycle (don't ask).  GOE was able to refinish it and get it back into operating condition.  Magpul FDE slide, levers and buttons.

Walther P22 in HK Black and Magpul FDE.

Mossberg 500 in HK Black and Magpul FDE.

S&W M&P 15-22 painted in HK Black and Magpul FDE.

Larue OBR .308 with matching mags, bipod, scope, monopod and scope mount.  Painted in 'Multi Sniper'.

Remington 870 Police Magnum in 'Combat Black' with a small 'Stock Red' stripe at the end of the barrel/magazine.

Desert Eagle 50AE painted in DuraCoat Stainless Steel.

Kel-Tec P11 slide and takedown pin in DuraCoat HK Black.

Custom Purple Digital Camo on Magpul and UTG M4 components.

Aimpoint Comp 4 sight in Magpul Flat Dark Earth.

Stag-15 in a Custom Magpul FDE Digital Camo paint scheme.

Mossberg 935 with GOE's Exclusive Pink Sparkle stock/forend, for Deb Ferns from "Babes With Bullets".

DPMS LR-308 & 3 Magpul P-Mags, painted in GOE's Exclusive Pink Sparkle, for Deb Ferns from "Babes With Bullets".

Kimber Ultra-Carry with a Matte Black slide and Stainless Steel DuraCoat buttons and levers.  Note the 'Kimber' color fill on the slide.

TJ Duke, #28 NASCAR, the official sponsor of GOE Gun Works.  Note the GOE Shield and the GOE helmet.  GOE TJ! GO!

Mossberg 500 in 4-color Multi and Matte Black DuraCoat.

Springfield 1911a1 in a custom 4-color Multi.  Note the Crimson-Trace grips

Para-Ordnance P13-45 with a freshly painted DuraCoat "Parker" frame.

Pink Snakeskin Springfield XD-9.

Remington 700 stock in Magpul Flat Dark Earth.

Remington 700 stock in GAP Crusader.

Savage Stock/Scope set in GOE's EXCLUSIVE DE Desert Camo.

Bicycle frame in GOE's EXCLUSIVE Reverse Black-Op's Digital.  This belongs to Eddie Rogacki, pro golfer and -tTriathlete (A GOE Gun Works Endorsee)

This is call TJ Duke Digital.  GOE's Exclusive Reverse Black-Ops Digital with yellow, blue, and red 'accents.  TJ Duke is an up an coming NASCAR racer who we are proud to sponsor.

This is call TJ Duke Digital.  GOE's Exclusive Reverse Black-Ops Digital with yellow, blue, and red 'accents.  Yes, GOE Gun Works sponsors a NASCAR driver.

Springfield XD ported slide/barrel in HK Black and Gold.

Springfield XD slide/trigger in HK Black with gold accents.

Springfield XDM in Pink Snakeskin w/matching grip extensions and back straps.

Springfield XDM slide with Pink Snakeskin sights and loaded chamber indicator.

Trijicon ACOG  painted in DuraCoat Magpul Flat Dark Earth.

Kimber Ultra Carry II 9mm in custom Frog Bone paint scheme.

Jeweled Keltec P-32 barrel.

Motorcycle helmet with mixed skulls.

Custom Frog Bone motorcycle helmet.

EoTech sight with a fresh coat of Matte Black DuraCoat.

Ruger Mini-14 in DuraCoat HK Black.

Glock 17 frame in GOE's EXCLUSIVE Reverse Black-Op's Digital.

GSG-5 furniture and hardware in Custom Desert Digital.

Walter P22 frame in Custom OD Green.

Mossberg 500 in Burgundy and Matte Black DuraCoat.

Mossberg 500 with a "Stainless Steel" strip running from the receiver to the end of the barrel for improved sight acquisition.

Stag Arms AR in Custom Multi-cam finish.

Bushmaster AR in Reverse Desert DPM camo.

Arizona Flag on the slide plate of a Glock 26.

Glock 26 in Custom DuraCoat Red AmStripe.

Afghan Camo on a Springfield M14 Stock.

Pink Snakeskin with a Silver Ghost Pearl clear coat, on a Glock 27.

Aimpoint Red Dot Scope and AR selector switch painted in DuraCoat Magpul Flat Dark Earth.

Hot Pink Tangerine Pearl/Matte Black Zebra Stripe on Vicky's EAA AKM-47 PAP.

"Shredder Digital" - Stock Red, Matte Black, and White, painted on a Glock 34 slide, mags, trigger, slide plate, holster with a Stock Red barrel.

My customer, Diamond, sent me this photo with the Combat Grey parts installed on his Taurus PT92.

Here are the Purple Sparkle grips installed on our customers Taurus 1911.  Thanks for the picture Mandi!

1911 grips painted in DuraCoat Goddess Purple with GOE's Exclusive Purple Sparkle finish.

AlumaGrips, 1911, painted in DuraCoat Lavender.

Savage 110 FLP, .223, L/H in a Custom OD Green, Matte Black, Desert Beige, and Combat Grey camo.

Remington 870 Police Magnum in Matte Black (metal parts only).

My little Ruger 10/22 with an ATI Dragunov stock painted in Afghan Camo.

Cool "GOE" logo (Good Over Evil)!

Here's the ACU Digital stock with the action installed. Remington 700.

Remington 700 stock in ACU Digital with a touch of OD Green.

M1 Garand gas assembly painted in DuraCoat Parker.

Pink Sparkle Magpul MOE furniture, sights, and P-Mags.

Hot Pink Tangerine Pearl on M4 furniture and 30rd mag.

Glock 19 with holster, in Blaze Orange with "Mossy Tree" pattern.

Glock 19 with a Lady Pink frame and Stainless Steel slide, buttons, levers, trigger and bases.

M&P 15-22 in Cameon's Camo.

M&P 15-22 magazines, numbered, in Cameon's Camo.

Custom Glock, 34 Gen. 4, with a Stainless Steel slide & mag bases (not shown), with Matte Black buttons & levers.

Ported Glock 34 slide (Stainless Steel) with custom ported barrel, painted in Matte Black with a jeweled barrel chamber.

Springfield SOCOM II in Reverse Black-Ops Digital w/"Controlled Chaos" custom graphics.

"Controlled Chaos"

Keltek P3AT with DuraCoat Ivory Goddess grips, sights and a jeweled barrel.

AR-15 pistol in Black-Ops digital.

A set of Beretta 92 grips painted in Custom Urban / Black-Ops.

Saiga .223 painted in a Custom Forest Flectarn pattern.

Glock 19 in Reverse Black-Ops Digital.

Taurus PT92 in Tactical Black and Extreme Tactical Grey.

DPMS LR-308 in Urban Digital w/2 matching mags, bipod and scope mount (not shown).

The ejector side of a Ruger LCP .380 in Purple Pearl with custom lettering to match.  What a great anniversary gift!

Here's the other side of the Ruger LCP .380 in Purple Pearl with custom lettering to match.  What a great anniversary gift!

Safe or "ZOMBIE"?

"ZOMBIE GORE" on a 9mm AR in SOCOM (Black), with custom mix blood and zombie slime.

"ZOMBIE GORE" on a 9mm AR in SOCOM (Black), with custom mix blood and zombie slime.  Looks like a movie prop!

"ZOMBIE GORE" on a 9mm AR in SOCOM (Black), with custom mix blood and zombie slime.  Note the bloody hand prints.

Glock 19 in Lars Larson Commie Pinko with a Pink Pearl top coat.  Note the matching earphones.

This belongs to a Homeland Security officer.  A Glock 26 with Frame, mags, mag loader, and back-straps painted in Desert Beige DuraCoat.

Glock 17 frame in Magpul Flat Dark Earth.

Ruger LC9 slide and barrel painted in DuraCoat Matte Black, by GOE Gun Works.

A custom Remington 870 Short Barreled Shotgun, from a member of SEAL Team 8, in GOE Gun Works Black-Ops Digital.

Here's the SBR before the GOE Gun Work refinish.

Here it is refinishing.  LWRC SBR with matching suppressor, foregrip, 10 mags, dot sight, flip up sights, flashlight, and sling mount in a special Woodlands Camo.  Pretty good match, no?

This is COOL!  An official SEAL Team 8 token for GOE Gun Works.

Keltec Sub 2000, 9mm with 3 mags and a holster, painted in Afghan Camo.

A customer photo for the Saiga fully assembled.  Thanks Steve!

Saiga .223 in Parker and Magpul Flat Dark Earth (stock/forend).

Walther PK380 with a Coyote Brown frame and matching laser.

HK 416 .22LR in Lime Green Digital with a bunch of accessories and a custom stencil on the stock.  The grip, stock, muzzle break, foregrip, mags, and panels are in Lime Green Sparkle.

Custom Remington 700 .338 Lapua with suppressor in Multi-Cam, in the sun.  For a member of SEAL Team 8.

Here's the same Remington 700 in the shade.  Matching scope w/rings, bipod, 5 mags, McMillan stock, and suppressor.  For a member of SEAL Team 8.

Taurus PT1911 .45ACP in GOE's Exclusive Tuxedo Finish (Matte Black and Stainless Steel DuraCoat).  Note the added Pachmayr grip.

Match Grade DPMS upper with RRA lower, painted in GOE's Exclusive "Cameon's Camo".

YHM .22 Suppressor in DuraCoat Stainless Steel.

Beretta 90-Two in Urban Digital with 2 matching mags.

Springfield XD-9 in Bronx Rose/Matte Black DuraCoat Zebra Stripes.

Glock 19 in Urban Digital with matching mags.

Springfield XD-9 painted in Hot Pink Sparkle and Beaming Blue DuraCoat.  Note the jeweled barrel and palm safety.

Diamond Back DB380N with a Bronx Rose DuraCoat frame.

C93 Sporter painted in HK Black with a Gloss Clear DuraCoat finish.  Note the color filled engravings.

C93 Sporter in HK Black with an added Gloss Clear DuraCoat finish.

Keltec 3AT:The slide is DuraCoat Matte Black, the front sight is White with "Glow Paint" and the barrel has been jeweled for a touch of class.

Here's the Kel-Tek 3AT slide mounted on the frame.  Thanks for the photo Marty!

Glock 26 in Hot Pink with Bronx Rose mags, buttons and levers.

Glock 26 in Hot Pink with Bronx Rose mags, buttons, and levers.

Springfield XDM-9 with DuraCoat Magpul Flat Dark Earth frame and mag bases.

This use to have a Stainless Steel slide, but now this Springfield XDM is in DuraCoat Tactical Black with matching mags and flashlight.  We added 'texture' to the grips and frame.

Marlin Model 60 .22LR assembled in Custom GOE DuraCoat Desert Beige colors.

We 'jeweled' the bolt on this Marlin Model 60. 

Marlin Model 60 with carbine barre painted in DuraCoat Desert Beige and a darker, custom mix beige.

Glock 20C slide and matching holster in Tactical Desert Warrior.

Glock 20C slide and matching holster in Tactical Desert Warrior.

Glock 19 in Urban Digital.  A very popular color scheme!

Remington 870 Mag in Urban camo.

Ejector side of the Remington 870 Mag in Urban camo.

FPK Dragunov in East German style camo with colors to match the beautiful custom walnut furniture.  Original scope and 4 matching mags included.

Diamondback DB380 in reversed Urban Digital.  Black is the dominant color instead of grey.  Cool!

Sig Sauer P226 DAK painted in GOE's EXCLUSIVE Black-Ops Digital.

The same SL8-1 assembled by the customer.  Thanks for the picture!

HK SL8-1 in DuraCoat Urban Digital with a little bit of Burgundy mixed in.

Tracy's Camo with a Pink Lady slide (Glock 19).

Springfield XD-40 in DuraCoat HK Black with a Titanium painted skull on the grips.

P.O.F. M4 in Urban Digital with foregrip, flashlight, and detachable carry handle.

P.O.F. M4 in Urban Digital with foregrip, flashlight, and detachable carry handle.

Beretta M9 with 2 matching magazines and a flashlight in Coyote Brown Snakeskin.

Springfield M1 Garand painted in HK Black with color filled ingravings.

Note the color filled text on this M1 Garand.

Glock 17 Slide in DuraCoat Primary Blue.

A Glock 19 in 'Tracy's Camo' - Magpul FDE, Pink Lady, CADPAT Green, and Woodlands Brown.

Glock 19 with extra mags, holster, flashlight, and mag holster painted in DuraCoat Afghan Camo.

A Colt Sport AR painted in HK Black.

AK-74 painted in DuraCoat Matte Black.

Remington 700 in 338 Lapua painted in GOE's Exclusive "Travertine" finish.

Notice the color filled engravings on this beautiful Remington 700 in GOE's Exclusive "Travertine" finish.

Glock 22 (Gen 4) painted in Custom Desert Digital with 3 mags and a matching holster.

An extensively customized Mosin Nagant with custom lettering in Tactical Black & Tactical OD Green.

Are you ZOMBIE proof?  ATI Mosin stock with custom lettering.  Tactical Black and Tactical OD Green.

P.O.F AR with a matching ACOG in Custom Desert Digital.

Custom Desert Digital on a P.O.F. AR.  Note the color filled "Fire/Safety" indicators.

C93 painted in HK Black.

Foster Industries Custom 1911 in Stainless Steel with black accents.

A pair of guitar FX stomp boxes painted in Red/Black Snake with a blue ghost pearl top coat and another one in  Urban Digital.  The customer added the lettering, knobs, and switches.

Magpul stock in Custom Desert Digital.

A Bushmaster with tons of accessories in GOE's Rhodesian Digital.

AR furniture with GOE's exclusive 'texture' process for that added 'grip'.  DuraCoat Teal

This is a Traveler Speedster, travel electric guitar, painted in GOE Exclusive 'Challenger Deep Digital'.  Here's the front.

This is a Traveler Speedster, travel electric guitar, painted in GOE Exclusive 'Challenger Deep Digital'.  Here's the back.

Oh yeah, 'Challenger Deep Digital' glows in the dark, like a deep sea creature!

Glock 34 painted in DuraCoat Urban Camo w/2 matching mags.

Glock 23 in Urban Digital.

Olympic Arms O.A.P, AR Pistol in Urban Digital.

DuraCoat Matte Black on an old Remington 870 Wingmaster.  We also buffed the bolt to a high gloss.

Ruger SR-22 in GAP Crusader.  DuraCoat Matte Black, OD Green, and Desert Beige.

A nice little Taurus .38 in Lars Larson Commie Pinko DuraCoat with white color filled engravings.

Custom 4 color random camo.

A closeup of the 4 Color Random Camo in the sunlight.

Hot Pink Sparkle!

A "Toyota" 4 Runner logo from the 80's refinished in DuraCoat Matte Black and a custom mix 'off-white'.

Ruger M77 w/scope and rings in a custom mix GOE Desert Digital camo.

Desert Eagle .50AE in GOE's EXCLUSIVE Tuxedo finish.

Bushmaster AR in GOE's original Digital Stealth camo.  Note the custom lettering.

What does that say?

Scope with matching Suppressor painted in custom mix GOE Desert Camo.

" I just wanted to shoot you another thank you. The grips look amazing! I got them today and went right on my 1911."

Crimson Trace laser grips for a 1911, painted in DuraCoat Urban Digital.

Kel-Tec Sub 2000 40 S&W in DuraCoat Magpul FDE.

Bushmaster AR15 in Urban Digital with lots of cool accessories.

Springfield SOCOM 16 with custom stock painted in Custom Desert Digital.

Remington 700 in Custom ACU camo with matching, knife, range finder, scope, & bipod.

HK USP .45 in DuraCoat Urban Digital w/2 matching magazines.

GOE Gun Works EXCLUSIVE!  Summer Grass camo on an HK USP .40 w/2 matching mags.

Mosin Nagant 91/30 painted in GOE's exclusive Swamp Snakeskin.

Glock 17 with a DuraCoat Magpul FDE frame

Walther PK380 with a DuraCoat Matte Black Slide and Lars Larson Commie Pinko frame.

A high performance Remington 870 with a custom barrel painted in DuraCoat John Deere Yellow and Matte Black.

"Mellow Yellow" decal says it all.

A Matte Black stripe for better sighting.

Taurus PT-738 slide painted with DuraCoat Violet, Candy Purple and Violet Ghost Pearl, topped off with a DuraCoat Gloss  Clear Coat.

A restored Norinco 213 Tokarev 9mm painted with DuraCoat HK Black.

Glock 19 with 6 matching mags, painted in a custom digital camo using DuraCoat Magpul FDE in varying shades.  A customers suggestion.

A Blue Lizard racing helmet.  I used the original Ford colors, to match his race car, and then applied DuraCoat clear to give it a nice even shine.

A Taurus PT140 painted in DuraCoat Pink Lady with matching magazine bases.

Mr. Soro's Walther P99 in Coyote Brown (frame) and Matte Black DuraCoat. 

HK P7 with a bad refinish (not GOE Gun Works).  You could actually scrape the finish off with your thumb nail.

The same HK P7 refinished in DuraCoat HK black.

This is Annette's AR.  Lite-Pink Digital Camo with Sparkle accents.  Magazines, rail covers, flash hider, 4 position stock, EoTech scope, grip, and fore grip are all pink sparkle.  Plus, the word "Annette" is on the mag well.

Why buy new cabinet hardware when you can just DuraCoat it!  This brass cabinet hardware is not Matte Black. 

"SEMPER FI"   This is a custom metal sign from Metal Headz steel fabrication.  I painted it in a "Custom Mix" - Marine Desert Digital Camo

Custom built AR with all the accessories in GAP Crusader Digital Camo.

Gun Digest published my letter in response to the article written below.  Pretty cool!

This if from page 14 of the September 13, 2010 edition of Gun Digest.  Hey, isn't that a GOE paint job?

Ruger P89DC 9mm in "J Renter Camo".

Para-Ordanance P10 .45ACP Sub-Compact painted in DuraCoat Extreme Tactical Grey.

Ruger P90 in Combat Black and Coyote Brown.

Smith & Wesson, M&P 15-22 with 4 mags, green laser, dot scope, tactical scope, flashlight, bipod and vertical grip.  This is a slightly modified version of Rhodesian Camo (not 'Twigs').

5- M1 mags & 2- 1911 extended mags in Combat Black.  1- AR mag in Urban Digital Camo and the other in GAP Crusader Digital Camo.

AR-15 barreled upper in DuraCoat Combat Black.

This is a Mossberg 500A with an 18.5" barrel and heat shield, painted in GOE Gun Works Exclusive "OS Digital".  SOCOM Black, OD Green, Coyote Brown and CADPAT Brown.

DPMS Lo-Pro upper with a Rock River Arms lower receiver, painted in DuraCoat Magpul Flat Dark Earth.

A rejuvenated Shure SM58 microphone in Urban Digital Camo.

A brand new Para-Ordnance GI Expert painted in DuraCoat HK Black and Coyote Brown.

A highly tricked out Mosin-Nagant 91/30 painted in DuraCoat Russian Army Camo.

Here's a Walther P22 painted in the EXCLUSIVE GOE Holoflake Glitter.  Holoflake creates a multi-color sparkle when exposed to direct sunlight or any other brightly lit environment.  Too Cool!

Glock 17 Airsoft Slide painted in DuraCoat Magpul Flat Dark Earth.

A matching set in the new GOE Sonoran Desert Digital Camo.

DuraCoat Magpul Flat Dark Earth frame on a Glock 17 9mm.  The slide was not painted.

Colt Series 80 Slide - From polished steel to DuraCoat Matte Black

HK USP .45 Slide from satin steel to DuraCoat Tactical Black

An well used Colt 1991A1 before and after.  DuraCoat Combat Black with matching magazines.  Our DuraCoat finishes can renew, restore, and protect your favorite firearm.(Both photos are in full color)

Colt MK IV, Series 80, Government 1911, .45ACP.  Before (above) and after.  Matte Black with Stainless Steel slide and accents.

This was once a beat up, black AR Scope.  Now it's a beautiful AR Scope in DuraCoat Magpul Flat Dark Earth with Matte Black accents.

Glock 19 frame painted in DuraCoat Magpul Flat Dark Earth - GOE Gun Works

Stag-15 (AR-15) upper, lower, barrel, gas block, & stock/buffer tube.  DuraCoat Magpul Flat Dark Earth.

Remington 700 with Axiom Stock, Bipod, and Leupold Scope in ACU Army Digital DuraCoat.

Cameon's Camo: Remington shotgun stock/forend.  Matte Black, Lars Larson Commie Pinko, White, and 2 custom shades for light and medium LLC Pinko.

Bushmaster M4 with matching red dot scope, fore-grip, riser, and magazines.  Desert MirageFlage.

SOCOM stock, handguard, and cheek rest in Woodland MirageFlage.

Lady AmStripe on an ATI Mosin Nagant stock.  Bronx Rose, White, and Matte Black.

The same 24/7 from below, but refinished in German Flecktarm Digital. 

Beretta 682 Skeet.  Beaming Blue, Lime, Primary Yellow, Matte Black, White (base coat) & Satin Clear top coat.  For Mr. Anthony Ruth.  Note the custom "Berretta" logo on both sides of the stock.

Taurus 24/7 9mm in GOE Midnight Camo - Combat Black, Gun Blue with jeweled barrel and CavArm Red loaded chamber indicator.

Kimber Tactical Custom II - Tactical Black frame, Colt Gray, Combat Gray and Combat Black camo with Combat Black parts.  Beautiful!

A nicely restored Sig P220 in Cav Arms Coyote Brown and Matte Black.

Springfield XD Sub-Compact 40 in Matte Black and German Flecktarn Gray.

Kel-Tek PF-9 with Matte Black slide, screws, barrel, slide lock, and pin.

Walther P22 before and after.  The slide is Matte Black and the frame Desert Beige.

Airsoft M4 Lower Receiver in "Colt Grey"

Purple Sparkle stripes on Debbie Keehart's magazine holsters.

The butt stock for an AR-15 owned by "Babes with Bullets" star Deb Ferns.  Custom "BWB" trademark on a pink sparkle finish.

Deb Ferns matching "Babes with Bullets" holsters in pink sparkle with "BWB" logo.

This is a 922r compliant MAK-90 painted in GOE Gun Works Exclusive "Random 4 Tropical" camo. Before (above) & After (below)

Ruger Mini-14 in original factory configuration (above). With an ATI stock painted in "Digital Urban MirageFlage" (below).

1911 frame and slide in Desert Storm Camo.  Not quite finished with the DuraCoat.

Waiting to apply the last 2 DuraCoat colors (tan & brown) to a Vietnam Tiger Striped 1911.

Mosin-Nagant 91/30 (original - above).  With ATI Stock and GOE Gun Works Exclusive "Shattered Glass Woodlands" camo (below).

Taurus PT-1911 in original factory configuration (above).  With Pachymar grip and GOE Gun Works Exclusive "Tuxedo" finish (below).

(Gallery 2)